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Services for adoptive families

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Ongoing learning & support

The Evermore Centre provides services to those who have adopted a child or children into their family. Transitions for children and adults can be exciting as well as challenging. This is a time where families and adopted children benefit from being connected to others and knowing who and where to go for additional supports. As children grow up in their adoptive families their needs change as they develop. See below for the variety of services provided through The Evermore Centre at this stage of the process. All adoptive families are encouraged to explore and access them. 

Services for Adoptive Families

Special Needs Training & Support

Post Adoption Training and Support for Adoptive parents of children with special needs.

Resources & Education

We provide materials for all of those involved at all stages of the adoption process.

Group and One-on-One Support

Be connected with a community adoption resource parent(s) or other adoptive families.


Informal support services through conversations, advocacy & community referrals.

Workshops & Webinars

We provide education opportunities throughout the year. 

Lending Library

Borrow from our comprehensive adoption-based lending library for adults & children.

Government of Saskatchewan Post-Adoption Services

For some clients post-adoption may include the search for family members or adoption records. The Government of Saskatchewan provides access to adoption records for adoptions that occurred through the Saskatchewan Ministry of Social Services, through Post Adoption Services.