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Meet Kim

Kim and her husband, Bart, are the adoptive parents of a beautiful 16-year-old daughter. They began their adoption journey in 2005, and their daughter joined their family at the age of 21 months in the fall of 2006. After exploring a number of adoption options, Kim and Bart decided to pursue an adoption through God’s Littles Angels, and organization in Petionville, Haiti that is committed to supporting Haitian children and families through medical care, and adoption placement if a child is unable to stay with their family. Over the years, they have learned that no matter how much research you do, nothing completely prepares you for parenthood, and this is especially true as white parents raising a black child. They remain on a constant learning journey about their own biases, and how to best support their daughter as she faces challenges that are unique to a young black girl/woman. They have made it a priority to learn about and celebrate Haiti’s history and culture, to build a diverse community around them, and to seek out opportunities for their daughter to spend time in community with other young black women and mentors. It is Kim’s desire to share her experiences (good and bad) to help other families pursuing international and interracial adoption to expand their perspective, and to raise ideas that perhaps they haven’t considered yet in their journey.

About The Evermore Centre

The Evermore Centre provides pre- and post-adoption support services, including consultation, education, resources and more. The Evermore Centre provides these supports and programs to adoptive families, adoptees, birth parents, birth families and professionals. When adoption becomes the plan for a child, The Evermore Centre believes the child’s best interests are met when families are well-equipped with a broad understanding of adoption and the issues that may arise along the journey. Knowing what resources are available to support the child throughout their life within an adoptive family is essential from the start.